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Where children are our future!

Kids Create Peace {KCP) serves those who will enter and shape our future world.  Our programs provide children and youth the skills and understanding to create and bring peace to their own lives, their community, and the larger world. We offer guidance and encouragement so each young person can attain the ‘critical thinking’ skills and confidence to express and contribute their unique talents. They also learn to work collaboratively, they are empowered to create with others.

We first brought that purpose into schools in 2011 at Vista del Monte Elementary, Palm Springs, CA., where Principal Joe Scudder invited us to launch our pilot program
Kids Create Peace is the first initiative of One Voice of Peace, an Educational non-profit organization.  KCP’s purpose, like that of all programs of O.V.P, is to increase harmony and cooperation among people by offering practical tools to enhance communications and to prevent conflict and misunderstanding before it begins.  There is no better place to begin this process than at the outset of the lives of young children.

The program is designed for charter and public school 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th-grade classes. Ideally, as an ongoing course, it would be the opening lesson one or two days a week.  However, it is currently being offered as an after-school program.

Principal Scudder has since been transferred to Two Bunch Palms Elementary; a much larger school in nearby Desert Hot Springs, and again has offered to launch the first ever in-school pilot KCP 10-week program.

The program is offered at no cost to schools, in the event they do not have discretionary funds available for it.


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